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Fall essentials

This moment of the year is always quite bittersweet. Especially in the Netherlands it feels like one day it's summer, and the next day it's full on fall. It went so fast that I haven't really had time to prepare for fall fashion, because honestly fall fashion always kind of bums me out, because it means the sun dresses are banished to the back of my closet. This year, however, I'm quite excited about fall fashion because everything is très retro.

You'll find a 70's vibe all across the shops and I'm so in love with. Some would argue that it's too much, but when I walk past shop windows and I see all the burgundies, mustards, camels and emeralds, my heart skips a beat. Today I want to share some fall essentials with you so you can really rock that retro look.

Flared jeans

These babies have been trying to make a comeback for quite a while now, but I feel like this year is the year that we'll finally really start to trade our skinnies for flares again. I…


...Violets are green. Penis. Well, that must be the best poem I've ever written! Kidding, of course.
Talking about poems, I'd better leave that up to Stephanie next time ;) She's da best! in writing poetry.
Also talking about roses, I bumped in to this beyond beautiful garden with my favorite flowers; roses.
And that in the middle of Amsterdam's Vondelpark while going for a walk with le dad and my wild
lady Chloe ;) In these shoes? Have you lost your mind? ;) Hell to the no.
What are your favorite flowers?


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Blouse by Acne Studios - Bag by Chloé - Jeans by Acne Studios - Shoes by River Island

Pics by CaRich


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So let's share our Instagram accounts! Mine is @linseysijmons, what's yours? And do you
have an ultimate favorite Instagram account you follow? I discovered a lot of accounts lately!

Here is my top 5...
Bombshell @Rochelle_fox with her beyond amazing travel pictures My girl @Jadorefashionn with always stylish and colorful pics
The always clean and minimal @thehautepursuit, #lovesit

The classy @Goldendiamonds, very feminine and a true beauty

My pretty lady @VHBY with her always amazing photography


How many celebs grew up in the ghetto? Many, for sure. Legends like Oprah or RiRi for example.
  No wonder why they're so successful! They all got this layer of swag power over themselves.
Not to mention their HUGE strength and girlpower. They look just as strong as f*cking Mike Tyson!
Like,  mentally, of course ;)

So I thought, if I pretend like I'm from the ghetto, maybe I'm also creating this swag power over my
 mind and style. Pretty clever, huh?! ;) I must say, I'm totally feeling this vibe. But I'm happy with
my nice apartment in a safe neighborhood in Amsterdam though. I'll just keep it on kickboxing, which
is though enough don't you think?

Most celebs are even proud of their roots. And they're damn right to the max. Look at where they
started and where they are right now! Look at what they achieved (mostly) all by themselves.
Amen to that!

That gives me the girlpower to go on until I reached my goals and followed my dreams. If they can
do it, wit…


While Linsey was shining on the streets of Paris during Fashion Week, I (Danielle) visited a Parisian
who's living in Amsterdam: jewelry designer Mirjam from Mimi et Toi.
The first time I visited Mirjam at her in-cre-di-ble apartment in the South of Amsterdam is already
2,5 years ago! At that time I wrote a post about her for MissionToStyle. When I left her place that
day I fell in love with her gorgeous pieces of jewelry, with her home and with her. She told me her
life story and I was just so impressed by this all.
After she backpacked all over the world she started to work in a bead shop called Beadies.
That's where she started to learn all about how to make jewelry. She made amazing stuff and got
so many positive reactions. A store in Rotterdam called Shppr, even asked if she could make the
same jewelry for the store. So next to her job at Beadies she made her own collection and then,
Mimi et Toi was born.

A good friend of her started a jeans store. She got lucky and creat…

Viktor & Rolf for H&M

About six years ago, Viktor & Rolf were among the first high end designers to collaborate with H&M. I fell in love with this chiffon blouse they made, but I was 17 at the time and I didn't have €50 to blow on a shirt. Yesterday I visited the flea market and guess what I found? It's so pretty, I never want to take it off.

Song of the day: Other Lives - For 12

Pinstripe shirt styled two ways

Tortoise Karen Walker glassesTopshop blue striped shirt / Topshop pinafore playsuit / Alexander wang leopard gold triangle bag / ASOS buckle boots

Topshop clubmaster sunglasses / Topshop blue striped shirt / Topshop gold jaquard skirtBlack Topshop backpack / Loly In The Sky eyelash flats /

Seeing as the days are way too short, I don't always have time to take outfit pictures anymore. That's why from now on I'm sometimes going to make these little styling things in Photoshop. They're fun and so inspiring to make. My favorite thing to wear is button-up shirts. I found this lovely one from Topshop and styled two outfits around it. Which one is your fave?