29th of July

Dress from Olive.

Here's another outfit post from when we were in Kalmar! It's been raining all day over here, so these summery photos seem like forever ago.

By the way, for everyone who is in or near Amsterdam: Next Saturday Anna and I will be selling lots of clothes at IJ-hallen market and it will be super cheap and cheerful. I really needed to get rid of some clothes, even though I really love most of it. Every week more and more clothes come in, but I never really get rid of anything up to the point where my whole storage room is just bags of clothes. Feels really good to give my stuff a new home. Looking into opening a shop on Tictail, but I'll let you know when that's ready to go!

Song of the day: Bowerbirds - Tuck The Darkness In (Can't get over how much I love this song. Oh my god, especially the part from 3:30. Singing along at the top of my lungs and thinking about how badly I need to be in a band like this.)


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