Amsterdam Fashion Week s/s 2013, part one

 Jacket from Lazzari, skirt from Forever21.

The photo of me was taken by the super lovely Chantal of Cocorosa, all the photos of the show are taken by me. It's been a busy week with lots and lots of shows, and I still have two days to go! Excuse the photo overload, I tried to keep it as short as possible. Claes Iversen

Marga Weimans
Dominico Cioffi

 Rebecca Ward

 Lichting 2012 - David Laport

 Lichting 2012 - Judith van Vliet

Lichting 2012 - Nadja Wering (I'd wear this in a heartbeat)

Bas Kosters was a big crazy party, a celebration of love set to a medley of all of our favorite love songs.

SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers

Marije Hellwich

 Tony Marcus Sacharius (scored infinite bonus points by choosing Sufjan Stevens as his soundtrack)

Jan Boelo

What are your favorites? Surprisingly my favorites were all during the Lichting show, which shows 14 up and coming designers. Bas Kosters and Jan Boelo, even though they're obviously not something I would wear, were my favorites on the main program.

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