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Spotted at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Shot by Anouk Océanne for Runway Passport

with Amanda and Merel by Laurent Claassen

This Amsterdam Fashion Week has been a bit weird, because I hardly had any time to attend shows. Chloë and I went on a quick trip to Barcelona right in the middle of Fashion Week, which, to be honest, was heaps more fun. Pictures from Barcelona will be up sometime in the next few days. Anyhow, here are some pictures from the day that I did go to Fashion Week. I'm wearing a super stunning dress courtesy of Jones and Jones and a coat by Nishe.

Song of the day: Villagers - The Waves

Giant blogger closet sale

On the 2nd of February I'm selling a whole lot of clothes together with some of Holland's top bloggers and my lovely colleagues at NSMBL magazine. My home is always such a mess because I'm a terrible clothes-hoarder and I don't even know where to put my all my stuff anymore. Good reason to think about what I really want to keep and what I don't.

Yesterday I started selecting and this is only like half of the stuff that I'm getting rid of. If you can't make it to the sale but if you've seen something on my blog that you really really want to buy from me, send me an email (laura[at] and make me an offer. I have a few favorite items that I really want to keep, but a lot of stuff has to go! Check out the flyer below for more info about the sale.

20th of January

Look, I got this adorable dress from Olive! Long sleeved dresses are pretty much my favorite thing in the world. I also had to take another picture with my new bass, cause it's so pretty. I promise I don't just use it as a cool and shiny fashion accessory, I play it too.

Song of the day: Loney Dear - Calm Down

Guess what I bought?

photos by Daniel
Say hello to my two new big loves. I scored this dress on eBay and I'm finally one step closer to my teen dream of becoming Kim Gordon. I bought my own bass! This is super exciting.

Song of the day: Purity Ring - Fineshrine

11th of January

2, 3, 4 from Anna's lomo / 1, 5 and 6 from Yvan's iPhone

I've been so bad at taking my camera to parties, but luckily I can sometimes steal fun snapshots like these from my friends ♥

My favorite outfits of 2012

Better late than never, right? I picked my 15 favorite outfits of 2012! Always fun to look back on a whole year of what you've worn.

How to travel with only hand luggage and still look okay

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might know I've been traveling quite a lot, especially my monthly visits to Sweden before Daniel moved here. If you're flying budget airlines and you're a cheapskate like me, you'll be traveling with only hand luggage. Everything has to fit into one 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm suitcase and it can't weigh more than 10 kilos, and of course you need to save some space in your bag in case you do some shopping. Which, in my case, is likely.

I don't want to brag (just kidding, I totally do), but in those years I've become quite a pro at traveling light. I just wanted to show you how I pick my items so I don't have to wear the same every day. I won't pay any attention to essentials like undies and a toothbrush, 'cause hopefully I don't have to tell you to bring those. Over Christmas I went to Sweden for two weeks and here's what I brought:

Four button-ups: A blue one, a denim one and two white ones. F…