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14th of February

Dress from Jones & Jones

Okay, here are my two favorite items as of late: My H&M leather jacket and this dress from Jones & Jones. This outfit is basically all I've been wearing lately, but can you blame me? I've always wanted a dress like this; it's chic, the perfect cut, length and quality. I like that you can dress it up to be super fancy, or just wear it with a leather jacket to give an unexpected casual touch.

Song of the day: Local Natives - Heavy Feet. Ugh, so good. I did an interview with Local Natives a while ago, you can read it here.

I love my Fjällräven (+ 30% discount code!)

Backpack from Fjällräven via Olive, shirt from Cheap Monday, second-hand coat and boots

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know I've been building up quite a collection of Fjällräven Kånken bags. They're just the perfect size, they're durable, comfortable... My favorite is the laptop model, it's perfect for my MacBook. Because Olive and I love you all so much, we wanted to offer you a whopping 30% discount on Fjällräven Kånken 13" Laptop bag. Use the code KANKENWORLD13 before the 4th of March.

Song of the day: Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars

10th of February

Dress from Sugarhill Boutique

Penguins! Love this dress, it's my favorite color and, yeah, penguins.

I finally got around to watching Rashida Jones' Celeste and Jesse Forever and I love it so much. Make sure you watch it if you haven't yet.