So, how's it going with your new years resolutions? Still going? Well hell yes I am!
My motivation is the Caribbean where I'm going within two weeks(!!!) I need to get that Doutzen 

If you haven't got any motivation to work out, eat "rabbit food" and stay healthy... Well, hello there, 
I am your motivation! I want to show you a tiny bit of my work out routine in the week.

Besides my three times a week kickboxing lessons - I'm so glad I'm still alive - I also go jogging
at least twice a week. Okay okay, I'm lying... At least once a week then.
With some workouts in between.

So are you with me next time? Let's do this!
Walk around 15/20 minutes for a warm up (walk with energy, not like your granny).
After 20 minutes your body is going to burn some calories you would love to say goodbye to.
Okay let's get this fat funeral started! Start running like a true beauty. Like a horse
Be cool, be cool, 'cause your hair still looks good for now...
If you think you're going to die, set a little goal for yourself. Say something like: "Come on girl! 
After that creepy homeless guy, you can have a little break"
And by break I definitely do not mean you stop completely, but stop running, start walking. 
Walk for 1 minute and think about your dream body. You will never get that by walking like this, 
understand me? So let's get ready to rumble again!
Aaaaand you're hair and head are a mess... But screw everyone, wipe your sweat off your head and
keep going honey! You can do this!!! Stay running and walking for at least 20 minutes.
At the end: sprint sprint sprint! Think that at the finish line are your dream Louboutins for 10 euro's 
and it's the last pair!
Cool down as you warmed up; walking for 15/20 minutes and think about that nice and warm shower 
you're gonna take when you're home, ahhh that is f*cking nice. And you just accomplished a 
workout from 50/60 minutes.
Nonono, do not grab that chocolate bar you got from your bff. That would be a sin. Literally. 
Tip: eat yoghurt! It has the perfect amount of protein and carbohydrates after your workout.
(PS. I'm already proud of you!)



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