Hej Monday! While festival season is getting to an end, that doesn't mean the party's over in the 
weekends (or weekdays, whatevah)! Since we all hate the day after, or better said: thé hangover 
 (if you like hangovers, I think you need to make a doctors appointment babe), I can help you to 
 solve some aftereffect problems.

I can not help you with all kinds of hangover remedies for your head or stomach, but I do discovered 
 the best hangover skin therapy which I can't wait to tell you about! So may I? Thank you!
No wonder you need a detox after those 4 mojito's & 3 tequila shots, whoop whoop! But also for 
your skin. Mádara's Detox Mask is an organic mud party, literally. It cleans and detoxyfies your skin 
and refines your pores. Alcohol gives you the most ugly pimples in the world and this detox mask 
kills them like a soldier kills his enemy.

 When your skin almost looks as grey as the sky, this Mádara Peeling Mask makes your skin 
 shine bright like a diamond again. It's because of all the natural acids in this mask. Like lactic 
 and fruit acids, vitamin C and elderflower. It's especially for a tired skin. And did I mentioned
all the products are pure organic? ;)

 This is such an amazing organic oil that I use as a day and night cream. I alternate this oil with the 
Moisture Gel, because when my skin is a little dry, I use the oil, when it's not, the gel appears ;) 
 You can even smell the black berries and cranberry seeds while you're applying the oil on your face. 
\Sometimes an oil only stays on your skin, this one absors in your skin right away, which is a 
good thing.

So, what are your hangover detox tips?! ;)

Pics by CaRich - In collaboration with Mádara


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