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After the #shamelessselfies, #nofilter pics, #foodporn, #OOTD's and endless hashtags,  this #Linstagram 2015 is getting to and end. Oh and I enjoyed it, for sure.
That year I hit the 10K- 10,3K to be exact - and pumped up my phonetography skills  by letting this app join my daily routine (Checking like 20 times a day and posting 1 to 3 times on  a daily base, #sorrynotsorry). You think these followers came easy? Well, think twice darling. 
Let me be one of the realists on "planet Instagram": it's blood, sweat and tears baby.  And I'm not even over reacting a bit. If someone tells you they getting their followers without  any effort, they're either lying or buying them. With some exceptions, of course (read: the  Kardashianfamily for example).
As I'm officially an Insta diehard right now - I even personalized it from Instagram to  Linstagram - I want to show you what brought me all these 10,3K followers (which is just as  much inhabitants the Greek island Mykonos has…