After the #shamelessselfies, #nofilter pics, #foodporn, #OOTD's and endless hashtags, 
this #Linstagram 2015 is getting to and end. Oh and I enjoyed it, for sure.

That year I hit the 10K - 10,3K to be exact - and pumped up my phonetography skills 
by letting this app join my daily routine (Checking like 20 times a day and posting 1 to 3 times on 
a daily base, #sorrynotsorry). You think these followers came easy? Well, think twice darling. 

Let me be one of the realists on "planet Instagram": it's blood, sweat and tears baby. 
And I'm not even over reacting a bit. If someone tells you they getting their followers without 
any effort, they're either lying or buying them. With some exceptions, of course (read: the 
Kardashian family for example).

As I'm officially an Insta diehard right now - I even personalized it from Instagram to
 Linstagram - I want to show you what brought me all these 10,3K followers (which is just as 
much inhabitants the Greek island Mykonos has, HELLO!) to my Instagram account. "Here are 
the nominees for Linstagram's most liked pics of 2015..."
Traveling & #foodporn
The famous #fromwhereistand and #mirrorselfies had to be taken
Twinsies w/ @chiaraferragni during NYFW & Twerk or treat!
Just another selfie & Guten tag Sylvie Meis! 
Breakfast in bed & my sexy home town Amsterdam
Yummy recipe from my favorite cosmetic brand Mádara & Champions train, losers complain!

And the winner of Linstagram's most liked pics of 2015 is... 
"My mind says Victoria's Secret model but my heart says Pizza"!!!
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