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Happy new year from Danielle!(Am I still allowed say that? Hihi!) I hope it will be a stylish 2016 and I can't wait to try out all the new interior trends!
For this first (L)interior post of the year I visited lifestyle blogger and colorful cutie pie, Iris. Iris lives with her boyfriend in the center of Haarlem and owns an award nominated blog called: "A Dash Of Fash".
Two years ago Iris graduated and started with her first real job: working as a part time graphic designer/illustrator at a magazines publisher. She was in need of a lot more challenges and had to express this ticking time bomb of creativity inside of her. That's where her blog was born.
Iris has her own fashionable style - which I know Linsey is also totally in love with - that makes her so unique and different than other fashion bloggers. But her blog is not only about fashion. She also gives her readers: interior, travel and career advice. And as I visited her home, I can definitely say she's a pro in…

90's kid

Dress - Primark / Turtleneck - C&A / Boots - Clarks

2015 has been a great year for fashion, because 60s and 70s style were really hot. A lot of dresses layered over turtlenecks... Which happened to also be a trend in the '90s! I feel like this outfit really channels my style in the 90s, when I was a kid. I've paired the turtleneck and dress with these great suede boots, as you might know I'm totally addicted to ankle boots... Which era is your favorite to throw back to?


"Never look back they said, it won't be fun they said". Well f*ck that, 'cause I just traveled through  2K15 with my time machine and in one word: MAGICAL.

The selfies I took, the people I met, the food I ate, the parties I've been to, the 2827262 interior  changes at my home, the places I've seen, the tattoo(s) I got, the outfits I wore, the offices I had  and the hairdo's I rocked. 
Jesus Christ a lot happenend in 2015! Not to mention Bryan moved in with me in my little  dream apartment in Amsterdam, which was a huge step but a dream come true. 
 I captured these moments one by one, because, thats what I do. And you were all there by my side.  Mostly virtually, but hey, being there on- or offline, you were there. And I can't thank you enough for  all your support! Your sweetest comments, messages, followings and especially: the love.
2016 is the year of changes, spreading even more love, discover the world and focussing on  what makes me truly happy. And I rec…