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Viktor & Rolf for H&M

About six years ago, Viktor & Rolf were among the first high end designers to collaborate with H&M. I fell in love with this chiffon blouse they made, but I was 17 at the time and I didn't have €50 to blow on a shirt. Yesterday I visited the flea market and guess what I found? It's so pretty, I never want to take it off.

Song of the day: Other Lives - For 12

Pinstripe shirt styled two ways

Tortoise Karen Walker glassesTopshop blue striped shirt / Topshop pinafore playsuit / Alexander wang leopard gold triangle bag / ASOS buckle boots

Topshop clubmaster sunglasses / Topshop blue striped shirt / Topshop gold jaquard skirtBlack Topshop backpack / Loly In The Sky eyelash flats /

Seeing as the days are way too short, I don't always have time to take outfit pictures anymore. That's why from now on I'm sometimes going to make these little styling things in Photoshop. They're fun and so inspiring to make. My favorite thing to wear is button-up shirts. I found this lovely one from Topshop and styled two outfits around it. Which one is your fave?

Mom jeans

Coat from L.K. Bennett, second-hand jeans, top from H&M, shoes from Choies

Hope you're all well! Sorry I haven't been around as much. I've been very busy with lots of fun work-related things for NSMBL and I've been out seeing my friends a lot, which is doing me good. While before a was always looking for excuses not to go out and do things, I've really become a bit of a Yes Man, which is a lifestyle that's treating me well. I'd almost say YOLO, but of course I won't say YOLO.

My dear friend Kim Janssen is going a tour in Germany soon, I love his music and I think you will too. If you're in Germany, check out the tour dates over here.


What about porn on your first date? Oh hell yes! Jamie Faber and I had some juicy shoeporn on our date last month. FYI: we did it at her new office...
Who wouldn't say yes to a date with this hot shoe designer momma of So Jamie? Uhm, hashtag total package?! Sorry fellas, she's already taken... ;)
What to wear to the girlboss of a shoe label? (Since I'm not owning a pair So Jamie's (yet)), your best shoes evah. It was this or my Loubies, but since these DKNY ladies got a bit more
compliments - Jamie did so either ;) - I decided to rock these booties.
 A lot of "Zaandam" gossipz and memories came on the table, since this is our actual hometown.
And - of course - shoe talk. Jamie showed her favorite pair of her collection. And mine? Without a
doubt the OTK's! So bootielicious. But sold out, of course... She gave me a peek into her SS16
collection what I can't show you yet and is still a major secret and I've seen already, lekker puh! ;)



Welcome to one of my favorite spots in Amsterdam! The place where you forget all the fuss of the  city for a moment, a place where you can relax to the max and walk out like a true natural beauty:  Beauty Studio Naturel. This beauty salon is my hotspot when it comes to organic facials,  peelings, plucking and dying my brows and to chit chat with the lovely and caring owner; Dona. 
Dona is like the French mom I've never had. She is sweet, truly honest and knows seriously  everything about your skin and cosmetics. The best quote Dona ever told me, with her cute  French/Dutch accent: "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your face either"
She's specialized to work with organic products, therefrom the name of the salon "Beauty Studio  Naturel" of course ;-) Brands like Jeunesse and Lakshmi are her ultimate favorites to use for facials. 
Besides my office, I can definitely call this place my second home. I had acne, so my skin was  very bad. And this mad…


...He would spoil me with getting me my whole wish list. Or even better said: want list. And I  can assure you, it's a BIG one. But I was a good girl this year, and last year, that year before,  even that year before! So dear Santa, don't you think I deserve it? ;) And you deserve a Chanel  bag as well, right?!
From starry kickboxing gloves to this glitter exploded iPhone case. Hey, I need to protect me ánd  my phone, okay?! It's all in this list. Gifts for in your home (sweet home), fashionable stuff for at  your office and books with images instead of text. It's all in this want list for you, for me and for her.
HINT HINT HINT, Merry Christmas! Mom, dad, boyrfiend, you get it? ;)


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You know how white teeth makes me feel? SEXY. It makes me wanna laugh even harder than
I already did, so the full attention are on my teeth and smile! Don't if know that's quite sexy but
that's okay :D

I'm not that "fake it till you make it" kinda girl, but I must confess: I used teeth whitener and
I'm proud of it! I always dreamed of that "semi" Hollywood smile - not that The Bold And The 
Beautiful kinda one, but a little less - but at the dentist it costs around $500,00 which is kinda
expensive, don't you think?

Then I discovered Smile Brilliant. And besides they detoxed me from my coffee addiction - 'cause 
let me tell you honey, it's not doing anythang good to ya teeth - they made my dream come true.
It's cheap, it's easy, it's fast - your teeth are white within a week! - and less scary than at the dentist
because you're doing it yourself at home. I wanted to be the guinea pig for this "Project White Smile&qu…


...Stays in Hamburg. And here on the blog, of course ;-) So brace yourself, an overload of Hamburg 
pics is coming! #TheBloggerArmy was taking over this city last week for exactly 24 hours(!) And 
our weapons were shoes, lots of shoes. VanHaren shoes to be exact. The captain of our squad?
The one and only Miss Sylvie Meis. And I had a date with her...
...A speed date to be exact. So cute Sylvie was all dressed up for our speed date! But Sylvie isn't Sylvie without looking like a Hollywood star that walked right of a red carpet, or out of Madam Tussauds. She looks as perf as a doll! Imagine how I felt next to this woman with my knitted nerdy sweater, the most basic jeans ever and some flat, black booties... Hashtag underdressed! Which was a totally new experience since I'm always "that girl" that's even more dressed up than the bride on her wedding.
So this is how our (speed) date went: Sylvie: "Oeh, I looove your bag!" Me: "Thanks! Wanna swap it f…