Welcome to one of my favorite spots in Amsterdam! The place where you forget all the fuss of the 
city for a moment, a place where you can relax to the max and walk out like a true natural beauty: 
Beauty Studio Naturel. This beauty salon is my hotspot when it comes to organic facials, 
peelings, plucking and dying my brows and to chit chat with the lovely and caring owner; Dona. 

Dona is like the French mom I've never had. She is sweet, truly honest and knows seriously 
everything about your skin and cosmetics. The best quote Dona ever told me, with her cute 
French/Dutch accent: "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your face either"

She's specialized to work with organic products, therefrom the name of the salon "Beauty Studio 
Naturel" of course ;-) Brands like Jeunesse and Lakshmi are her ultimate favorites to use for facials. 

Besides my office, I can definitely call this place my second home. I had acne, so my skin was 
very bad. And this madame helped me a lot to process and end this journey as good and fast as 
possible. She will always welcome you with open arms, no matter how your skin looks like. 
With her passion for beauty, she will makes your skin looks like a baby skin again.

Visit Beauty Studio Naturel at Cornelis Trooststraat 22, 1072 JE in Amsterdam.
In collaboration with Beauty Studio Naturel
Photos by CaRich with a Canon 1D X camera and a 50 mm f/1.4 USM lens


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