Bonjour mes amis! Je suis @LinseySijmons on (L)instagram. Ne me quitte pas if you're following
me already ;) While half of the world has second thoughts about being on social media or not, I will
assure you: I'm staying mon cheri. Let that be clear! Why? So I can share incredible moments like
these Paris memories!

That moment when you realize it has already been a month ago(!!!) when you we're visiting your
favorite city in the world. Besides not knowing The Ritz was closed for two years already, Paris was
formidable, as always. But somehow it all feels like a blur now, a dream... Just like my NYC
experience. Was it all fake? Na'ah! I just can't believe I've been there!

If you're reading this you're lucky! Because you're gonna discover some delish hotspots, tips
and looks which you can definitely apply to your future trip to Paris.
"Praat Nederlands met me, even Nederlands met me!" (Dutchies will understand). Luckily
Fashionchick Amanda directly said "Je suis Néerlandaise" ;) Because I can't help you with
the language. I only know how the swear words in French, but I will spare you on that one...
TIP: visit Paris with your BFF for thé ultimate shopping trip. Wanna have some romance? 
Go with your boyfriend, of course ;-)
You can dress up as chic as possible in Paris, so grab your chance Mademoiselle! You'll feel like
a real Parisienne in the middle of le city.
"Frisse morgen in Parijs, gewoon mijn business" (Dutchies will understand, again). When do
you visit Paris? I say during Fashion Week! Why? Because you can. Invites or not, the city is
open for everyone and you will bump into a lot of inspiring outfits and maybe even your idols.
Read: ANNA DELLO RUSSO! (Oui, she's my idol). The upcoming PFW is from the 1st until
the 9th of March (2016) en from the 27th until the 5th of October (2016).
Café Charlot, Chartier, Bob's Kitchen and Derrière are "le foodspots" in Paris. Be smart and try to
make a reservation. Not possible? No worries, any croissant around the corner is way better than
your own local bakery. Wanna have breakfast or lunch with cats? Go to Le Café des Chats and
you'll be surrounded by the cutest kitties!
What will you bring as a souvenir? Vogue Paris and a stock of macarons from Ladurée of course!
It's perfect to share with all your friends and family while you can't stop talking about all your Parisienne experiences.

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